No Frame

Deception, emotional and sexual triangles weave through the theater company and soon nearly everyone involved is overwhelmed with fear, longing, lust, hatred and love... sometimes all at once.

The year is 1923...

THE MEPHISTO THEATRE is known throughout the states as the only theatre that performs the classic tale of "Faust" and only "Faust."

The cast of "Faust" is enjoying the benefits of a successful open-ended run. While the lead actor, John George, remains steadfast in his desire to perfect his craft, others in the company are lured by the riches promised by radio production and Broadway stardom.

John fights to hold the small company together while internal and external forces work to tear the close-knit group violently apart.

In a final attempt to appease the group and save the company, John finally accepts the fame thrust upon him by the world, literally selling his soul to complete the transaction.

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